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About DTG Central

The DTG Central website was launched by Davis Technologies Group in early 2004. The website offers capabilities to help your organization in the following areas:
  • Event Management
  • Sophisticated Online Evaluations
  • News and Link Repositories
Features within the website can easily be "co-branded" to easily fit into your website. For example:

Event Registration Example
Sample Event Overview Page

Online Registration
Made Easy.

Davis Technologies Group worked with Papa Murphy's Take 'N' Bake Pizza for their annual franchisee convention.

Their registration website was configured to look and operate like the Papa Murphy's website.

With this solution, Papa Murphy's did not have to worry about hosting their event registration service.

Papa Murphy's staff could log into DTG Central and make updates to how their event registration handled or view real-time registration data.

Online Event Registration - Co-Branded
Sample Event Registration Page

Handle a Wide Range of Event Types
DTG Central's Event RSVP tool has been built to handle easy or sophisticated event registrations. With this tool you can take registrations for:

Simple Events
Perhaps you have a 2 hour event that you want to take registrations for. No problem. More >

Complex, Multi-Day Events with Many "Sub-Events"
Perhaps you have a multi-day event where people can sign up for different "track" sessions or attend different meetings. Maybe these meetings are at the same time. No problem. More >

Different Registration Types
Maybe you have different types of people coming to your event - for example, Employees and Vendors. Each type of person maybe should only be able to register for certain types of events. No problem!

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